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The LHR updated its Management Action Plan in 2024. The Staff and partners of LHR will be continually working on items identified in this plan. You can view this plan by clicking here. You can follow our success with these projects, give input and make donations along the way.

If you are curious to see what we were up to last year, you can download our Year-in-Review, below.

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We will strive for a 30% increase of visitors to the region creating more jobs and a healthier regional economy. More people will be using the state parks, LHR assets and visiting the rural communities. We will see an increase in the need for more tourism related businesses as well as an increased knowledge in the Lumber Industry of the past, present and future.

DIVERSITY STUDY – ‘Women and Black History in the Forest Products Industry’

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In July of 2020, the Lumber Heritage Region (LHR) commissioned a Diversity Study contract to an individual contractor to research, identify, and record stories, scenarios, and events that highlight the historic role of women and individuals of diverse and/or marginalized ethnic and cultural identity in the history of the Pennsylvania Lumber Heritage Region. The goal of the study was to help the LHR teach and present a more comprehensive and inclusive history of the region. The funding for the research came from the Department of Cultural and Natural Resources (DCNR) Heritage Area Program Grant Round 24. Approximately 250 hours of research was conducted throughout the 15-county region of the LHR from July 2020 through January 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional material was added in June 2021.

HISTORICAL VIDEO PROJECT – Local Legends of Lumbering

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Capturing stories from local forest product leaders is an important task for the LHR. We will interview five regional owners to capture the stories about life as a lumberman. Our hopes are to capture the attention of the younger generation as they plan for their future.

West Branch Susquehanna River Map Project with Susquehanna Greenway Partnership

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The Susquehanna Greenway Partnership (SGP) and Lumber Heritage Region (LHR) are excited to announce the release of a new booklet that will allow users to explore the logging history of the Susquehanna River Water Trail’s West Branch right from their kayaks. The Susquehanna River Water Trail is a state-designated water trail for motorized and non-motorized on-water recreation. The new booklet showcases 4 paddling itineraries along the West Branch from a history perspective, focusing on the lumber heritage of Clinton and Lycoming counties. Each itinerary features a unique paddle route with points of interest related to the unique character and history of this section of the river. Itineraries include the length and estimated time for paddling the route, a map of the route, put-in and take-out locations, a difficulty rating, and trip highlights to look for along the way. In addition to the itineraries, the booklet also provides an overview of the West Branch, plus an article that details the bigger picture of historic logging within this region. SGP and LHR are partnering with the Clinton County Visitors Bureau to distribute the booklets, where they will be available at their location for free.

Oil/Lumber Boom Heritage Presentations

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An Insider’s Look at the Drake Well and the Pennsylvania Lumber State Museums – January 18, 2022 @ 6:30pm – A show and tell of the tools and artifacts used during the boom era in one or both industries that are not always on display at the museums. A Roust About and A Wood Hick! – February 15, 2022 @ 6:30pm – Listen to their tales from the days during the booms and can ask our reenactors about a day in the life of these characters. Women in the Lumber and Oil Industries – March 15, 2022 @ 6:30pm – A presentation about the roles of women during the height of the oil and lumber booms. These often-overshadowed stories will illustrate the importance of women in the industries. Industrial Impacts on the Environment and the Later Recovery – April 19, 2022 @ 6:30pm – The environmental impacts of oil and lumber extraction in Western PA. What it was like before and after the laws and legislation were put in place for the two industries.

Wayfinding Signage

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The LHR is working on a multiple part project to help visitors find attractions in the region. Our way finding committee is developing a totem pole type system that will let visitors know other attractions in the area and how to get to them. If you are interested in having a totem at your site, please contact the LHR for more information.

Partner Recruitment

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The LHR is seeking industry and tourism partners to join our team. A partner is a business or organization that is located within the 15-County region of Tioga, Lycoming, Clinton, Clearfield, Cameron, Jefferson, Elk, Forest, Warren, McKean, Center, Potter, Clarion, Indiana, Cambria. This project is ongoing. If you want to be a part of our forward movement to preserve Lumber Heritage please fill out our "free" partner form

What’s Happening In Your Neck of the Woods?

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We want to help you get your message out there. Send us your events, news articles, special information, job posting and more and we will share your message on our website and social media. Your story is important and we want to help tell how the lumber is making an impact in our regional economy.

LHR Itineraries

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We are building driving tours for locals and visitors to the LHR so they can make the most of their experience while exploring the regional assets they love. We have added 4 driving tours and are working to complete a few more.