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Jobs in the industry

There are more than 700 job categories - public and private - in the timber and forest products industry. In Pennsylvania, the industry accounts for 10% of manufacturing jobs - some 98,000 Pennsylvanians employed in 2,600 businesses - as the seventh largest employer. The lumber industry is booming with tons of great opportunities with room to grow.

Job opportunities

With advances in technology, there are so many great opportunities for careers in the lumber industry. Entry level jobs often lead to advanced careers as lumber graders, head sawyers, skilled machinists, domestic and international sales, foresters, forest harvesters, and more. From forestry and logging to manufacturing lumber, veneer, flooring, furniture and paper, there are great jobs waiting for men and women who are committed to protecting the environment, keeping manufacturing jobs in the USA, and having good jobs that pay. Come explore how the forest and its products may hold the key to your future.

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