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About Pennsylvania Lumber

Pennsylvania Forest Products Association

 No matter where you live in Pennsylvania, you aren’t far from a beautiful forest. Our forests provide a multitude of products that we use in everyday life, an essential economic benefit to the Commonwealth, recreational and tourism opportunities, as well as providing habitat for wildlife.

 Pennsylvania is the largest producer of hardwoods in the country, accounting for 10% of the total hardwood output in the US.

 Revenues from Pennsylvania’s forest products industry exceed $5.5 billion annually.

 Approximately 90,000 Pennsylvanians make a livelihood on the industry. Over 10% of the state’s manufacturing workforce is involved in the forest products industry.

 There are over 3,000 separate businesses involved in the forest products industry, with a presence in every county of the Commonwealth.

 Every dollar paid to a timber owner for trees ultimately generates, through manufacturing, more than $17 worth of economic growth.

 More than half of Pennsylvania – about 17 million acres – is forest.

 Our forests are increasing in size. The Federal Forest Inventory shows 20% growth in the last decade.

 The majority of Pennsylvania’s forests, about 70%, are privately owned, including 5% held by forest products companies. Approximately 30% of the forests are government owned.