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Agriculture Workforce Needs Survey

Written by Jswatsworth

The PA Department of Agriculture (PDA) and the PA Department of Labor and Industry (L&I) are working together to assess workforce development needs within the agricultural industry.  Over the next decade, we expect at least 75,000 job openings within agriculture.  With this expected workforce shortage it is now more than ever crucial to take a look at the workforce needs of agricultural employers.

The survey below is an effort to gain some insight into the current workforce needs and to identify how the workforce system is currently being used by ag employers and workers.  This brief survey will help PDA and L&I to identify ways in which the state can support workforce needs in the industry.  We would like to hear from anyone within agriculture who may have experience or insight into workforce issues including training providers, employers, associations, and even ag workers. The survey will be open until March 26th.