LHR’s newest addition – Serenity Glass Park – Lumber Heritage Region

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LHR’s newest addition – Serenity Glass Park

Written by Holly Komonczi

LHR’s Newest Addition “Serenity Glass Park” – located in Port Allegany, PA, a town once called the glass manufacturing capital of the world.

Visitors to the park will see beautiful architectural displays uniquely built with glass blocks. The modern glass block, used in construction worldwide, was perfected and made in the town of Port Allegany by Pittsburgh Corning Corporation 1937-2016. Before the plant closed, artists and designers worked with glass technicians to create this one-of-a-kind outdoor glass exhibit.

Colorful panels imprinted with images important to the region soar 16 feet in height on individual bases. A glass archway invites visitors to enter from Mill Street through a brick and glass wall which captures history with its over 500 etched message blocks. Visitors can stroll through the glass castle which circles to an ever-increasing height as a free-standing sculpture. Magnificent hand-made colorful planters with different themes dot the park. This artistic gem in the heart of the Lumber Heritage Region will delight the whole family.