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Online Logger Training

Written by Holly Komonczi

Information from Pennsylvania SFI Implementation Committee for online Logger Training


In response to the COVID19 situation that we all find ourselves in, New York Logger Training (NYLT) is offering a newly developed continuing education course via a virtual classroom. This course is open to Pennsylvania loggers and has been approved for 1 year of Pennsylvania SFI continuing education credit. Spaces are still available. See details below.


COURSE TITLE: A Little About Contracts for the Logging Professional

DATE/TIME: Thursday, June 18th from 8am – 1pm

Friday, June 26th from 1pm – 6pm

COST: $75

REGISTRATION: Pre-registration is a must (no refunds) — call Janet at (315) 408-2750

DESCRIPTION: This course is not only for the bosses and aspiring bosses out there but for everyone involved in carrying out the work that is outlined in a harvesting contract. There are a lot of similarities between a harvesting contract and most other contracts that we deal with.

It includes:


*   What a Contract is

*   Why have a formal Contract

*   Who draws the Contract up

*   Types of Harvesting Contracts

*   Essential parts to make it Enforceable by a Court

*   Legal Impacts of a Contract

The course will point out the requirements of everyone involved in a contract as well as the protections it affords each person. There will be discussion on how it can help us avoid disputes and misunderstandings; and examples of contracts will be gone over.


ADDITIONAL DETAILS: All participants must have a computer/smart phone with working video camera and microphone and be visible to the instructor to receive credit. The class will be about 5 hours long and offers group participation just as when you take an in-person course. You will be sent a link to click on at the time of the course. It is easy to do. Be sure your camera and microphone are on and others can see and hear you when you get into the “room”. Call the instructor if you are having problems connecting.