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Lumber Heritage Region Welcomes Education & Outreach Administrator

Written by Jswatsworth

Lumber Heritage Region Welcomes Education & Outreach Administrator

Lumber Heritage Region – An Education & Outreach Administrator has been hired by the Lumber Heritage Region to enhance the mission of promoting and serving the 15-county region.

Rowan Crisp, a 27-year-old Cameron County resident, started in the Education & Outreach Administrator role on the 23rd of October, in Emporium, Pa. Rowan’s background includes experience as a substitute teacher, daycare teacher, prevention specialist, and two years as the director of recreation for Cameron County. The skill set she has acquired from her roles will be beneficial to the Lumber Heritage Region in all aspects, especially in providing educational materials and opportunities for varied age groups. This position will assist the Lumber Heritage Region and the considerable impact of the 15-counties it entails.

When asked about the position, Rowan stated, “I am very excited to get started. This area has a lot to offer and the Lumber Heritage Region is able to not only recognize but promote that potential. This is a very exciting opportunity, and I was honored to be considered for the position. I look forward to bringing my drive and passion to this organization and continuing to learn about and create opportunities to benefit the Lumber Heritage Region”.

This position will encompass the consistent themes of the Lumber Heritage Region’s mission, including an emphasis on research, development and implementation of educational and outreach programs and materials, engaging and collaborating with local partners and organizations, participating in events throughout the region, and generally assisting in supporting the Lumber Heritage Region’s initiatives.

Executive Director Holly Komonczi stated, “The LHR is growing beyond the capacity of two staff members. We were super excited to obtain Rowan and her skill set. She will be a great addition to our staff and I am expecting big things from her”.

We are excited for you to meet Rowan. You can welcome her on our Facebook page,