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Written by Jswatsworth

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a Forest Products Industry worker looks like? The Lumber Heritage Region, funded by DCNR’s partnership grant, has produced its first round of the Local Legends of Lumbering video series.

The lumber harvested in Pennsylvania’s forests helped build America in the 19th and 20th Centuries. Today it is no different, the hardwoods harvested in the Lumber Heritage Region are sought after worldwide. This is an interesting industry in so many ways. Listening to the stories of how things were and are done, generationally, is eye opening and heartwarming.

Our goal for this video is to reach people living in the 15-county LHR and give them a better understanding of the impact the forest products industry has on our everyday lives. It a way to educate people on the importance of using hardwoods in their lives. Most of all, it is a way for us to educate youth on how a career in the forest products industry can be challenging, rewarding, and fruitful. The legends that are depicted in these videos are sharing their life’s journeys, (short version of course), in hopes, that more people gain, not only an understanding of the many uses of lumber, but also build a deeper appreciation for the area we live in.

The video series can be found on our website at The series of 4 includes an introduction video and three, half-hour videos. The first interview is with Max Bingaman, Bingaman Lumber. The next two are Roger Rorabaugh, the former Rorabaugh Lumber and Larry, Dennis, Jake, and Jessica (Fresch) Hickman of Hickman Woods. Each of these videos holds stories that are irreplaceable to the industry. “I had the most wonderful time doing the interviews for these videos. There are two things that are evident with all these individuals, their respect for the forests and their deep family ties.” Quotes Holly Komonczi, Executive Director.

If you would like more information on careers in the Forest Products Industry visit our website at If you are interested in information about the LHR and how you can get involved email

The Lumber Heritage Region (LHR) is a 15-county region in North West/North Central Pennsylvania that accentuates the importance of the lumber industry for the past, present, and future. The goal of the heritage region is to market its assets to potential visitors, to serve as a resource to the PA hardwood industry, and to keep the economic impact of the region at the forefront.

LHR is a 501C3 organization that is dedicated to helping the region make an impact internationally. It is our mission to serve the region with technical, educational, and financial assistance through the coordination of networking and communication initiatives.