Lumber Heritage Region Receives $288,000 Grant from DCNR in Pennsylvania’s $52.2 Million Funding Boost – Lumber Heritage Region

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Lumber Heritage Region Receives $288,000 Grant from DCNR in Pennsylvania’s $52.2 Million Funding Boost

Written by Jswatsworth

Lumber Heritage Region Receives $288,000 Grant from DCNR in Pennsylvania’s $52.2 Million Funding Boost

Lumber Heritage Region, Pennsylvania — The Lumber Heritage Region is delighted to announce that it has been awarded a generous grant of $288,000 from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). This funding will play a pivotal role in advancing the preservation and celebration of our region’s rich cultural and environmental heritage.

The grant allocation is part of a broader initiative by the state government, spearheaded by Governor Shapiro, to support and empower various regions throughout Pennsylvania. In total, Governor Shapiro has allocated an impressive $52.2 million in grants to enhance community and environmental projects across the state. Of this substantial sum, communities, organizations and partners within the Lumber Heritage Region secured $5.32 million, reinforcing our area’s significance in Pennsylvania’s heritage and conservation efforts. For more information about these individual grants visit, Https://

The Lumber Heritage Region’s grant of $288,000 will be instrumental in strengthening our mission to preserve, promote, and interpret the historic and natural resources of our region. The grant will support a variety of projects and initiatives. Along with the day to day operations, this grant will support: the development of the Lumber Heritage Mountain Bike trail at Sandy Beach Park, Ridgway Township, an addition to a historic walking tour in downtown Bradford, the creation of a geocache trail as an extension of the LHT (Lumber Heritage Trail).
Holly Komonczi, Executive Director of the Lumber Heritage Region, expressed her gratitude and excitement about this significant financial boost. “This grant from the DCNR is a testament to the value and importance of our region’s heritage and natural assets,” Komonczi stated. “We are immensely grateful for the support of Governor Shapiro and the DCNR, as these funds will enable us to make substantial progress in our ongoing efforts to showcase the Lumber Heritage Region’s unique history and natural beauty.”

The Lumber Heritage Region serves as a beacon for residents and visitors, offering opportunities to explore the rich history, diverse cultures, and the breathtaking natural landscapes that define our region. This grant will allow us to continue enhancing our region’s potential for economic growth and environmental stewardship, contributing to the overall quality of life for its residents and the attraction of tourism.

The Lumber Heritage Region is dedicated to honoring our past, building for the future, and preserving the natural environment for generations to come. This grant from the DCNR is a critical step toward achieving these objectives and advancing the Lumber Heritage Region as a premier destination for those seeking a meaningful connection to history and nature.
For more information about the Lumber Heritage Region, its projects, and the impact of the DCNR grant, please visit our website at Http//

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