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LHR is Hiring a Project Manager

Written by Holly Komonczi

The Lumber Heritage Region of Pennsylvania (LHR) is in search of a highly motivated individual to fill the missing half of a two-person team. The perfect candidate would be willing to think outside the box and explore new methods to reach the organizations goals. This position requires the ability to work independently yet have the flexibility to address people at all levels. Flexibility required due to varying times and locations of meetings as well as travel with overnight stays.  A degree in communications, marketing, business management or five years of experience in project management, public relations or marketing are preferred. It is expected the candidate would live in one of the LHR’s 15 counties. Starting salary $38,000 – $44,000 annually based on education and experience. Resumes can be sent to hkomonczi@lumberheritag.org by 9/18/2020

Project Management

  • Carryout projects as defined by Management Action Plan, DCNR directives and Executive Director
    • Utilize skills, experience and creativity to advance projects
    • Develop a budget and timeline for each project
    • Create a one-sheet summary for each project that spells out goals and timelines for each project
    • Make clear and concise decisions for project direction
  • Identify and follow through on projects that will enhance the LHR Management Action Plan goals
  • Provide regular updates to Executive Director on the progress of each project


  • Assist with the development and implementation of a Public Relations Schedule that will highlight the LHR and our regional partners’ accomplishments
  • Develop and distribute a minimum of one monthly newsletter that may include but are not limited to the following topics:
    • LHR projects and successes
    • Regional projects and successes
    • Industry news and successes
    • Regional events and happenings
    • Funding opportunities
    • Grant opportunities
    • Regional Lumber Heritage stories
  • Assist the Executive Director on the development and maintenance of the LHR website
  • Develop an online social media plan that uses the social media network to share LHR’s story and mission
  • Assist the Executive Director in any other projects designed to promote LHR’s story and accomplishments.

Communications/Education Outreach

  • Set up a plan for education and training focused on lumber history and heritage.
    • Address groups that help support the mission of the Lumber industry
  • Serve as a liaison between the community and the industry
    • Train and stay current on industry needs
    • Hold regular meetings with industry leaders
  • Attend event and meetings as a representative of the LHR
  • Assist the Executive Director with any other communications and education projects as requested

Manage LHR Mini-Grant Program

  • Create application, forms and communications for Mini Grant Program
  • Assist grantees with the required close-out reports
  • Follow up on open projects and serve as the liaison between LHR and the Grantee
  • Prepare reports to for grant payment and approval
  • Perform any other tasks that relate to the proper execution of the LHR Mini Grant Program

Partner Outreach

  • Build and maintain relationships with a multitude of different partners and stakeholders from local groups and organizations to state and federal agencies to accomplish the organization’s mission
    • Recommended to bring on a new partnering organization each month
  • Proactively work to identify and engage new stakeholders and partners throughout the 15-county region.
  • Collect information from LHR partners that can be used in the execution of the communications plan
  • Communicate LHR’s project and activities to partners on a regular basis
  • Assist the Executive Director as needed with activities and projects to engage LHR partners

Other Outreach Duties

  • Assist the Executive Director in the day-to-day activities of the organization including, but not limited to general administrative duties, attending stakeholder meetings, generating reports, and maintaining matrixes
  • Assist Executive Director and Board of Directors with fund raising initiatives