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Emporium Hardwoods offers state-of-the-art milling and drying facilities

Written by Jswatsworth

Lumber Heritage Region Executive Director and Project Manager had the unique privilege of touring one of the the finest, state-of-the-art milling and drying facilities in the world, right here, in our back yard.
Emporium Hardwoods located in Emporium, Pa. produces some of the highest quality hardwoods in the country, including white oak, red oak, maple, ash and the finest cherry production in the world. Their hardwoods are sourced from Appalachian hardwood forests within a 100 mile radius of the mill. Two double cut slant head-rigs and two band re-saws will produce lumber to an edging and grading line, operated only by graduate NHLA graders. The sorting line has 37 automated bays to ensure a maximum range of sizes and grades before stacking and kiln drying.
Efficiency sets them apart. A year on-line, Emporium is already one of the most efficient hardwood sawmills in the world—sorting milling and drying to tolerances, consistencies, and yields that were not even possible five years ago. Production at the new Emporium mill is closing in on 40 million board feet.
It is an amazing site to see! Thank you, Emporium Hardwoods for the tour and the education! For more information on Emporium Hardwoods you can visit their website at https://www.rossigroup.net/mill