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Written by Jswatsworth


Request for Proposal Developing Brochure Content and Designing of the Brochure for The Lumber Heritage Region

Offers are invited from the reputed and experienced Agency/Company/Firm for developing marketing content for The Lumber Heritage Region (LHR) brochure and designing of the same for print and using digital publishing tools.

Issued on: 01/06/2021

Last Date for Submission: 01/25/2021


The Lumber Heritage Region is requesting proposals for the design and printing of a custom brochure that highlights all the LHR Wayfinding signs in our region, a map that pinpoints each sign, and a brief description of the project and LHR.

No. Particulars Details
1 Date of issue of RFP 1/6/2021
2 Last Date & Time for seeking clarification through email 1/13/2021
3 Clarification response by LHR through email 1/14/2021
4 Last Date & Time for submission of proposal 1/25/2021
5 Award of Project 2/5/2021
6 Email address for submissions of proposal
7 Subject Line for submission of proposal Developing & Designing LHR/company name
8 LHR Website



The LHR is a 15-county region in North West/North Central Pennsylvania that accentuates the importance of the lumber industry for the past, present and future. The goal of the heritage region is to market its assets to potential visitors, to serve as a resource to the PA hardwood industry, and to keep the economic impact of the region in the forefront.

LHR is a 501C3 organization that is dedicated to helping the region make an impact internationally. It is our mission to serve the region with technical, educational, and financial assistance through the coordination of networking and communication initiatives.


  1. Conceptualize: Developing the overall concept of the Brochure that reflects the nature of the LHR as a nonprofit organization, its core strength and focus area of the Wayfinding signs. The concept design should be original and contemporary and include the location map, location description and QR code of each Wayfinding sign.


Size: 8.5 x 14    |   Gate Tri Fold Brochure    |   100# Gloss Paper   | Full-Color Print on all sides

Quantity to be quoted:  3,000, 5,000 and 10,000

The LHR would like a format that will fit into the brochure rack, which is easy to carry and reader-friendly with visuals.  The overall concept should also ensure that the Brochure is equally compelling on different media and devices (such as tablets and smartphones), given that more and more users are accessing digital content on the new-generation platforms and devices.

  1. Content Development: LHR will provide key content, copy and images. The brochure Agency/Company/Firm will arrange and design of the layout. The brochure content will also include brief history of the LHR, our mission statement and Wayfinding Sign location map and the importance of the Wayfinding signs.
  2. Designing: Converting the concept to design, layout, and development of other elements, including cover, infographics, illustrations, icons etc. as might be needed to suit the content requirement.


Phase 1 (Common for Content & Design): Discovery. The Agency/Company/Firm will arrange a kick-off discussion with the LHR team to understand the messages, importance of the Wayfinding program, focus area, and other such details that might be relevant and important for the development and layout of the content and design concept. The kick-off discussion will also aim to enable the Agency/Company/Firm to finalize the creative and technical requirements of the project for developing a comprehensive Creative Brief and project schedule.

Phase 2 (Content Development): Draft Content.  The Agency/Company/Firm will develop the layout of the brochure content, map placement, and graphics.

Phase 2 (A): Concept Refinement. Refinement of messaging and content style will include up to three rounds of LHR-requested revisions.

Phase 3 (Design Development): Concept.  The Agency/Company/Firm will design two concept options, showing overall thematic direction, copy layout and type styles, general color palette, image treatment, infographics, etc. based on the messaging.

Phase 3 (A): Concept Refinement. Refinement will include up to three rounds of LHR-requested revisions of the selected design concept.

Phase 4: Production. The Agency/Company/Firm will apply the approved design and messaging to create the draft Brochure design.

Phase 4 (A): Design Refinement. Refinement will include up to three rounds of LHR requested edits and minor refinements in design and other elements, including proofreading delivered as PDF files.

 Phase 5: Delivery. The Agency/Company/Firm will prepare the final approved document for printing and handover (1) final design (in PDF) for printing and for upload online and (2) final design files and other elements in an open editable and usable format.

No. Deliverables Timeline
1 Phase 1 (Common for Content & Design): Discovery T + 7 Days
2 Phase 2 (Content Development): Draft Content 10 Days from #1
3 Phase 2 (A:) Concept Refinement 5 Days from #2
4 Phase 3 (Design Development): Concept 10 Days from #1
5 Phase 3 (A:) Concept Refinement 5 Days from #4
6 Phase 4 Production 3 Days from #5
7 Phase 4 (A:) Design Refinement 3 Days from #6
8 Phase 5 Delivery 1-2 Days from #7
**T is the date of assigning the project


  1. The RFP is intended to seek proposals from Agency/Company/Firm, and we have sought proposals from multiple agencies for this project.
  2. Submission of a proposal by Agency/Company/Firm should not be considered as a grant of the project to the Agency/Company/Firm by the LHR.
  3. The RFP process is a means to help the LHR identify the most suited Agency/Company/Firm for the project, based on their experience with similar projects and the proposed cost.
  4. The Agency/Company/Firm shall not misuse the LHR and related logos in any way which may deceive the public to believe unsolicited, unauthorized, or unverified content. The LHR logo shall be used only in such manner as required for the Brochure belonging to the LHR.
  5. The Agency/Company/Firm will be bound by the Non-Disclosure Clause and will not disclose or communicate, in any manner, either during or after the project implementation period, information about the LHR, its operations, or any other information, that relate to the operations of the LHR which would be deemed confidential or other forms of proprietary information of the LHR.
  6. The Agency/Company/Firm shall not downstream or outsource any part of the Scope of Work without informing and seeking consent from the LHR.
  7. The Agency/Company/Firm cannot have arrangements with other companies as a consortium or as a back-to-back agreement for executing this project.
  8. The content and the design developed for the Brochure must be original and the use of any other elements, including the images, must be copyright protected. The Agency/Company/Firm will have no right to use the design template or any other related elements, other than when specifically requested by the LHR.
  9. The selected Agency/Company/Firm shall engage in content creation and designing of the LHR Brochure only and designs/visuals created by the Agency/Company/Firm will be the property of the LHR.
  10. The Agency/Company/Firm may be requested for updates or changes in the brochure for reprint after the closure of the project and the cost for the same will be negotiated and finalized on a need basis, if required after the completion of Phase 5 of the project.
  11. The LHR will not bear any cost related to research, planning, designing, or any other such activity related to the preparation of the proposal in response to the RFP by the Agency/Company/Firm or that of sending it to the LHR.
  12. Either party may terminate the agreed upon contract when deadlines or terms of the agreement are not being met.


  1. The Agency/Company/Firm shall provide professional, objective, and impartial service and hold the LHR’s interest paramount.
  2. The Agency/Company/Firm shall not deploy former employees who have served LHR in the last one year.
  3. Non-disclosure of such an association by the Agencies/Companies/Firms will lead to termination of the contract and Blacklisting from participating in any future LHR projects for a period of three years. Right to Accept or Reject any Proposal
  4. The LHR reserves the right to annul the RFP or the vendor selection process, or to accept or reject any or all the proposals in whole or part at any time without assigning any reasons and without incurring any liability to the affected Agencies/Companies/Firms or any obligation to inform the affected Agencies/Companies/Firms of the grounds for such decision.
  5. The LHR also reserves the right to change the scope of work in case there is a need or depending upon the change in requirement before or during the implementation phase. However, in case the changes are made during the implementation phase, the LHR will negotiate the cost for the additional work separately with the Agencies/Companies/Firms.


It is important for the participating Agency/Company/Firm to comply with the following instructions during the preparation of their proposals:

  1. The Agency/Company/Firm should carefully go through the background information and the details about the LHR structure, its focus areas and the activities, all instructions, guidelines, the scope of work, timeline, and all other details as shared in this RFP. Failure to furnish all the necessary information as required by the RFP Document or submission of a proposal not substantially responsive to all the requirements of the RFP shall be liable for rejection.
  2. The financial proposal should include a break-up of cost for content development for the brochure, designing of the brochure, including cover design, development of infographics, illustrations, icons, etc. as might be needed to suit the content requirement and printing of the Brochure.
  3. Photographs will be provided by the LHR. If stock photos are needed, they may also be purchased from any of the photo stock service providers and the agency can bill it separately on the cost basis.
  4. The proposal shall be sent only through email attachment by the authorized person no later than January 11th, 2021 to
  5. All pages of the Proposal should be numbered in the format Page x of y, where x is the specific page and y is the total number of Proposal pages.
  6. The subject line of the email should be: Developing & Designing LHR/company name