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Bingaman Lumber

Written by Holly Komonczi

Our History



Carson C. Bingaman began selling Appalachian hardwoods in the 1930s when he added lumber to his line of general store products.

His clientele at this point consisted of anthracite coal mining companies in neighboring counties that used the lumber to shore up mine shafts.

Bingaman’s lumber sales later evolved into a full-time business and he began supplying cabinet, flooring, and furniture manufacturers with wood purchased from local sawmills.


Incorporated in 1968, the company today consists of a main lumber yard in Kreamer PA, a second yard in Clarendon PA, and sawmills in Nicktown PA, Mill Hall PA and St Marys PA.

All the company’s facilities are located in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, a region known worldwide for the color and texture of its hardwoods.

The BING label assures customers around the globe that they are receiving consistent Bingaman & Son Lumber Inc quality.

OUR OWNERS – Chris Bingaman, Dean Heintzleman, Max Bingaman