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Our Partners

Welcome to the Lumber Heritage Region (LHR) of Pennsylvania. The LHR is a 15 county region in North West/North Central Pennsylvania that accentuates the importance of the lumber industry for the past, present and future. The goal of the heritage region is to market its assets to potential visitors, to serve as a resource to the PA hardwood industry, and to keep the economic impact of the region in the forefront.

Why should your business or organization become a partner with LHR? LHR is a 501C3 organization that is dedicated to helping the region make an impact internationally. It is our mission to serve the region with technical, educational and financial assistance through coordination of networking and communication initiatives.

As a partner of LHR you will have access to the following free or low cost resources:

  • Access to state and local government officials through relationship building efforts
  • One on one assistance through onsite visits
  • Business to business networking opportunities
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Funding sources – Mini-grant opportunities
  • Employment services
  • Retail pricing on Wood Hicks and Bark Peelers Book and West Branch Susquehanna Maps in quantities of 12 or more


Partner Form

  • Short Description of your business and business needs relating to LHR. Who are you and what makes you unique?