Lumber Heritage Region

                 Of Pennsylvania  





Who’s Doing It?

Rich in the culture and traditions of forestry
and the logging industry, Pennsylvania’s
15-county Lumber Heritage Region is
dedicated to preserving and relating
the history and heritage of the people
and their relationship with the forests
of rural Pennsylvania.
What Are They Doing So Well?
The Lumber Heritage Region is deeply
rooted in the traditions of oral storytelling,
passing along to succeeding generations
the important legacies of past eras. In 2004
LHR launched an intensive effort to bring
these stories to life through a regional
Interpretive Plan that has initially focused
upon the installation of an extensive system
of strategically placed interpretive signs,
depicting stories about the lumber era
and the historic impact the lumber industry
had on the region and its people.
Who Are Their Partners?
The Interpretive Signage Project drew
upon an extensive network of residents
from throughout the region, distinguished
by their local knowledge and pride in the

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area. County historical societies, local
historians, forestry and logging industry
professionals, state, county and local
officials, tourism and business leaders,
and private citizens all contributed to the
effort. Financial support was provided
by the Pennsylvania Department of
Conservation and Natural Resources,
and the Pennsylvania Department of
How Does This Work?
The Interpretive Signage Project strives
to articulate the region’s wealth of natural,
cultural and historical resources through a
series of signs at key gateway communities.
The signs outline a particular story or
historical event that enhances the reader’s
appreciation for the region and its storied
past. Each of the thirty signs are consistent
in layout, color and style, with historical
photography and featuring informative
panels that provide a regional overview and
an engaging story specific to that location.
The Interpretive Signage Project aims to
capture the essence of the region through a
defined visitor experience that encourages
greater appreciation and understanding of
the area’s natural and cultural heritage.

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